The best of both worlds.

All the benefits of a true CPM schedule, all of the benefits of a Visio schedule. None of the drawbacks.

Plays nicely with others

Import from SlatPlanner, P6, MS Project, Asia, SmartSheet, or any other scheduling program that can export to XML*. Recognizes WBS and imports all activity codes and values.

Respects schedule integrity

Activities imported into Visio with TimeTable stay true to your schedule. This means you can trust what’s there on the page.

You can move activities up and down, even make them taller, but they can't change width or move left or right.

Add steps to your tasks

Not all logic is easily or necessary for a schedule. We’ve added the ability to create “manually scheduled” tasks or steps that don’t require predecessors to be placed. No more trying to fit a square peg through a round hole, and no more schedules that aren’t flexible.

Fully customizable

All the data from your schedule is brought into Visio as custom fields, which means you can display anything you want anywhere in your schedule.

Extend your TimeTable and activity names with any of the data from your imported project.

Critical Heatmap

See your schedule like you have never seen it before. TimeTable can display a heatmap of critical activities, within your project schedule; clearly depicting the critical path along with varying degrees of near-critical activities.

Set a scale

Treating time like space is a standard practice. We let you choose from predefined scales, you choose day or week and 1/4" (or 20mm) increments. A consistent scale means you can print many TimeTables with expected results.

Quick Imports

500 line items schedules take less than a minute to import and 5,000 activity schedules take less than 2 minutes. Your mileage will vary.

Links & Relationships

TimeTable can optionally display relationship lines between activities, straight from your CPM schedule. This enables teams to easily review schedule logic on a single-page view!

Make your schedule look good.

The worlds only planning tool that even a caveman can use.

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