Your project schedule in layman's terms.

A Microsoft Visio plugin that imports schedules from P6 or Microsoft Project and renders in a format we affectionately call a "TimeTable".

Convert your Gantt chart to a TimeTable

Finally, a schedule your foreman can read and understand.

One Plan, One Page

Everyone on the same page

and can view your entire schedule on a single sheet of paper. No more searching for activity IDs.

Not too much white space

Efficient use of space and paper

Project schedules put into our format use 3 to 10 times less paper than traditional Gantt Charts. Go green and save paper!

At least 3 pages of 11x17 worth of Gantt chart on one 11x17 TimeTable. 20 pages can easily fit on an E1 sheet.

Envision your manpower curve

See Time and Resources Simultaneously

Change the height of your tasks according to crew-size, material quantity, room size, float, or any numeric activity code value.

Import straight from P6

TimeTable doesn't try to replace any of your current work processes. That makes it incredibly easy to adopt.

Color by Trade

It's common knowledge: if you present data in the right form it turns into actionable information.

Trailer Walls love them

Trailer walls are valuable real estate. They  should be covered in drawings and plans. Put the most important information in front of your last planners.

Don't change the way you work

Export your P6 or Microsoft Project Schedule

From MS Project or Oracle Primavera P6 just export to XML (MS Project schema). Then, import using our Visio Plugin.

Change the way you Work with Others

Collaborate with the Last Planner

We've built TimeTable so that you can import your overall project schedule and allow superintendents and foreman to add additional details and tasks without compromising the integrity of the overall schedule.

Make your schedule look good.

The worlds only planning tool that even a caveman can use.

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