SlatPlanner Supplies

The hardware you'll need to get to get up and running with SlatPlanner.

SlatStickers (Sticker Sheets)

These removable stickers can be printed from any laser or inkjet printer and fit perfectly on SlatNotes. Each box contains 100 Sheets (900 stickers). We recommend starting out with one pack for each box of SlatNotes.

SlatNotes® Patent Pending

Custom made for SlatPlanner. Reusable and made of a high-quality, dry-erase material. Each box contains 100 pieces. We recommend purchasing at least two boxes per 4X8 slat-wall panel.

Color Printer

We highly recommend keeping a dedicated color printer in the planning area for printing new tasks at a moment’s notice.
We recommend the HP ENVY 5660, for under $100. It’s wireless and supports AirPrint ®, which means that you can print task stickers, on the fly, from any device, including phones.

Slat Wall Panels

SlatNotes mechanically attach to slat walls, so your pieces will never lose their stick, no matter how many times you move or slide them.
Slat walls come in multiple styles and finishes and can be seamlessly combined to create a collaborative wall space as large as you need. Extra slat-wall space can also be used to hang anything! They are available online and locally at "retail fixture" supply stores in any city.

Enterprise Solution

Do you have many projects that you'd like to implement SlatPlanner on? Our enterprise offerings are growing quickly, contact sales for more info.

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Training & Onboarding

We’ll come help you get started and provide hands-on training to your team.

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Get Lean with SlatPlanner

The worlds only planning tool that even a caveman can use.