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Straight-forward, per-project pricing that everyone can afford.


$ 300.00 USD

/mo /project

✔ Unlimited Users

✔ Unlimited Tasks

✔ Unlimited Snapshots

✔ 48-hour support response time

✔ 99% uptime


$ 3,000.00 USD

/yr /project

✔ Unlimited Users

✔ Unlimited Tasks

✔ Unlimited Snapshots

✔ 24-hour support

✔ 99% uptime

✔ Procore Integration

Enterprise Solution

Do you have many projects that you'd like to implement SlatPlanner on? Our enterprise offerings are growing quickly, contact sales for more info.

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Training & Onboarding

We’ll come help you get started and provide hands-on training to your team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many projects can I use this on?

SlatPlanner is based on per-project pricing. We do offer an enterprise option that allows you to track the same contractors and reasons for failure across many different projects. Please contact sales for more info.

Are Slat Walls, SlatNotes, and stickers included?

For the annual plan only: 100 SlatNotes and 900 stickers are included. Additional SlatNotes and stickers can be purchased at additional cost. Educational and Monthly plans do not include any hardware. All plans require you to purchase your own slatwall & printer.

Where can I get a SlatWall?

Slat walls (or Slat boards) are available in most home improvement stores, including Home Depot, Lowes, & Ace Hardware. A greater variety of color and style options are available from local "retail fixture supply" stores. Slat wall panels typically cost between $40-$60 per 4' X 8' sheet. We recommend not purchasing online as the cost is about double for smaller sheets.

My project is too small to justify the cost. Is there anything you can do?

Yes! For projects with a volume of $1M USD or less we offer discounted pricing. We don't want price to be the reason you can't adopt a lean system of construction. Contact sales for more info.

Do you have educational licenses?

Yes. Universities and colleges can apply for a free educational license. Please note that this does not include any hardware needed: SlatBoard, SlatNotes,  StickerSheets, etc.. Contact sales for more info.

Does SlatPlanner work outside the US?

Currently, SlatNotes are designed for use with Slat Walls that are only available in the US and Canada. The rest of the world uses slat walls that have a different size and therefore are not compatible with SlatPlanner. Let us know if you want SlatPlanner to be available in your country by posting in our community page.

Can I buy my own SlatNotes and Stickers?

Yes. Slatnotes are dry erase and work in many different situations. We have customers that only use the SlatNotes and the dry-erase functionality to organize their team.
SlatPlanner holds the patent for Slatnotes but we do sell them at cost to the general public. You can purchase the slatnotes directly from us.

SlatPlanner is missing one feature that I need, what do I do?

Simple. Go to our community forum and let us know. Your feature may already be requested. This is the best way.

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