All the benefits of a manual system.

and a digitial system, without the drawbacks of either.

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Features you can grasp.

Put the plan in your last planner's hands.

Don’t let your real planners be intimidated by a schedule. We built the SlatPlanner® System for foremen. Now, they can take ownership of the schedule and modify the digital plan with their hands.

Touch your plan, really.

Other solutions try to make everything digital. Instead of creating virtual Post-it ® Notes, we re-imagined the sticky note, creating SlatNotes that people can hold in their hands when making commitments. Ditch the mouse, keyboard, and screen and keep it real!

No More Apps

SlatPlanner is a Progressive Web App (PWA), which means you don’t have to install or update anything. Simply log in and work across all platforms and devices, even offline!

Outrageously Inexpensive

Construction companies don’t have budgets as big as most software companies seem to think. We truly want to change the industry by pricing our solution at a small fraction of what our competitors charge. You’re welcome.

Simple & Automated

Other systems add unnecessary complexity, maintenance, and mouse clicks. SlatPlanner automates these processes in the background, so that your team can focus on planning.

Measure Success & Failures

Analyze manpower, track changes, review reliability, evaluate delay reasons, and more. SlatPlanner allows everyone to have useful information at their fingertips on any device.

True Schedule Integration

Now, the project schedule is truly connected to the near-term plan. Simply import your CPM schedule and add detailed SlatPlanner tasks under each CPM activity.

Go Big.

Day and Night, SlatPlanner schedules are always on and require no power. They can cover any wall space and allow everyone to see the entire schedule at the same time, without scrolling.

Planning as an art

SlatWalls are visual works of art. Tasks are easy to read and stay neatly lined up. With custom color coding printed directly onto the stickers, you no longer need to maintain a large array of colored sticky notes in the office.

Get Lean with SlatPlanner

The worlds only planning tool that even a caveman can use.