Fast, Interactive Plus-Delta sessions that capture meaningful insight

Let every voice be heard simultaneously, in any sized crowd

What is a Plus-Delta session?

A quick way to gather feedback from all participants after a meeting or exercise, with the aim of continuous improvement. Participants list things that went well (pluses), along with suggested changes for next time (deltas).

What does the PlusDelta App do?

PlusDelta is a web application that allows anyone to participate in a Plus-Delta session from any device. No downloading required!

Participants can either enter a meeting number, click a link, or simply scan a QR code to quickly join a session and participate.

Users’ pluses and deltas appear real-time and they can upvote and comment on each other’s posts, whether gathered in the same room or working remote.

Users can also post anonymously; empowering all participants to speak their minds.

How much does it cost?

  • PlusDelta is FREE for hosting individual sessions. The Pro version unlocks a powerful dashboard with analytics, metrics, and trends.
  • Pro is available at the following rates, after a 30-day free trial (no credit card required).

What does the Pro version do?

The Pro version allows you to create, manage, and view all of your PlusDelta sessions from a sleek dashboard.

In Pro, meetings do not expire, and a plethora of tools and analytics are available to gather useful insight from your past sessions.

You can instantly visualize key-word usage, trends, word clouds, and engagement metrics. PlusDelta Pro also unlocks Google’s sentiment analysis tools; allowing you to graphically visualize the feelings in each room.

Pro also provides multi-admin access; allowing you to share PlusDelta meetings and data across an organization.