Who do you BUILDFORE?

Our Mission:

Our purpose, is to re-think how technology helps construction, industrial, and manufacturing teams. Our products are purpose built and therefore must conform to the user, not the other way around. We aim to deliver high-quality, easy to use, products that provide value to those using them and to the projects they are used on. Take risks for the benefit of the industries we serve, but fail fast, learn, and share.

Our Team:

We are real construction professionals who are tired of waiting for software companies to provide the solutions we need. We are innovative planners who seek to better the industry. We have decades of hands-on experience on small and large commercial and industrial projects, totalling billions of dollars, and have experienced the barriers to effective planning and building first hand.

Daniel Fahmi Soliman


Steve Moore


Stephanie Harbison

Director of Marketing

Our Values:

People first. If you put people first, then everything you do will have purpose. We believe putting our team members and customers in the forefront is the key to success, and will drive other initiatives.

Continuous Improvement

People, teams, and organizations are fluid units. We think that striving to always be better is the only option. We think the same holds true for our products.

Customer Service

The customer is always first. We are nothing without our customers. Our customers should never be ignored. Compassion for our users is always at the forefront of product design.

The right team

Our diverse team is our strength. Every team member provides value and is an important piece to our organization. We hire only the best, because our customers expect only the best.

The right products

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Every feature, every product must be validated, if you can't validate, then test. Our products and features are a solution to an existing problem, not in search of a problem.