Announcing TimeTable Visio

I want to thank our small pool of users who’ve had early access to TimeTable Visio. Here are our release notes.

Daniel Fahmi Soliman
June 8, 2019

I want to thank our small pool of users who’ve had early access to TimeTable Visio. Recognizing that this add-in is still in development (and will always be in a constant state of improvement), I’m proud to announce the next release of TimeTable Visio

This release means we are no longer in beta, over the coming weeks we will begin to offer TimeTable Visio for sale to the general public. We’ll also be working on a Help Center that’ll help you get off the ground running. This is an exciting time for all of us, and I want to personally thank our leadership for believing and investing in this project and our other ventures.

If you have questions or need support, please go to
Some notes about this release Version

New Features

  • Timescale performance improvements
  • Weeks & Months now have their own “major & minor” vertical grid lines
  • Float Shapes show durations in Work Days and Elapsed Days
  • Better, Faster, Stronger looking Activity shapes (no more rounded corners)
  • WBS Shapes now snap at grid
  • WBS Shapes now respect Fill, Line, and Text styles
  • You now have the ability to change the scale after import
  • The Configure TimeTable Window now tells you how long your paper will be based on scale and imported date range
  • The Configure TimeTable Window now tells you how many Tasks, Days, and weeks will be in your TimeTable
  • All TimeTable.Prop data is now available within Visio for use in Field Text
  • Everything is at 12x scale: i.e. Fonts at 1pt are really 12pt
  • New Shapes available in Stencil: WBS Shape, Scale, spot date, days scale, page headers
  • New TimeTable Logo
  • 64-bit Visio is now supported!

Fixed Issues

  • Adjusting the imported Date Range is now respected
  • XMLs with missing, incomplete, or incorrect schemas now return an error message, preventing crashes.
  • Weeks were not displaying correctly in some scales and timescales
  • Scales with hidden weekends were causing misplaced tasks and WBS Containers, not anymore

Known Issues

  • Links don’t adjust to updated timescales after a project is imported.
  • Float Shape’s durations sometimes show incorrect values
  • Some XML files from Project cause Visio to crash (we're still exploring why)
  • Invalid Signature, Windows will warn you from installing TimeTable, click on More Info then Proceed/Install.
  • Opening the Outline Window sometimes causes Visio to crash

TimeTable is a tool for schedulers and project managers alike that converts your gantt charts into a format that anyone can read and understand.

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